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I am Daniela, your Energy & Consciousness Coach.

I show women how they can use their core power to solve their inner trauma such as giving birth, having a child, falling naturally pregnant or healing their inner wounded self. In my coaching you will learn a new understanding of your inner fears, thought patterns and stress factors. By using methods that I will teach you in my coaching session, you will gain more self confidence and self awareness. 

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Every call is perfectly fitted to your inner conflict: be it falling pregnant, having fear of giving birth, healing your miscarriage, letting go of your own birthing trauma or healing your inner wounded self. Whatever it is that you feel challenged by, gain clarity about your true inner blocks by having a call with Daniela.

Often we carry patterns within us that can block us, because every person vibrates on a certain frequency, which is shaped by their beliefs, their behavior patterns and traumas. When a person consciously chooses to let go of slow vibrating energies such as fear, frustration, anger, sadness, their energy changes. The more we let go, the higher we can vibrate and the higher we vibrate, the happier and lighter we feel.

What Clients Say

“Daniela has an amazing connection to spiritual realm and divine spirits that are part of our world. And exactly those make our life move in certain directions. For me personally, her intuitive coaching was a key to understand and take care of my private business as well as love life. I am thankful that I met Daniela and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to upgrade their life quality.“

Luka Bunić   >>> Self-Employed, UrbanJungleStorie

“Daniela has a very gentle, loving and healing energy. She is a gifted energy healer and she is highly intuitive. She is very much in tune with the Elemental realms and the Ascended Masters and Archangels. My healing experiences with her have been very powerful. She has helped me to shift huge blocks of negative emotional energy and she can intuitively detect psychic energy which is damaging to your aura. She can sense when there is something in your energy field that is preventing you from making positive change. She has helped me to clear old stuff going back through my genealogy and ancestral time lines. For just general stress relief healing, you will feel very relaxed after Daniela has worked with your energy, you will feel as though all your burdens and stresses have been melted away. I highly recommend her services for any type of energy work you may need. Let her guide you, she can sense what you need.”

Deborah Faith   >>> Self-Employed , Archangels and Devas

“Daniela is genuinely a beautiful soul. I love all the qualities of her being-ness. Her beautiful kind heart and joyful spirit connects with highest beings of love and light. Through our sessions she brings me to my highest self and has helped clear energetic patterns that no longer serve me. She inspires me to continue with my art for healing and service to others and to connect with the fairy and elemental kingdoms as they are a part of my soul. I am deeply grateful for her guidance and support and feel I also gained a friendship. I highly recommend Daniela and trust she is here to help assist for the betterment of all.”

Catherine Zanghi   >>> Self-Employed , CZ Dezines Creative Solutions

”Daniela is an Angel! Her mentoring, her healing work is amazing. She is working with light and cord cutting. Daniela is very talented and she has a strong bond with the angelic world , where she can sense or see any cords that are connected to you. When I was suffering from heart and throat pain, I contacted Daniela and told her all about my problems with my heart. She gave me an amazing 1hour healing treatment with Diamond Light ReiKi. During the healing I released stored emotions in my throat chakra, heart chakra and sacral chakra. Right after I felt lighter and happier. Daniela connected to the Life Force Energy, to the Angels, to the Unicorns to get all the support I needed. She delivered an extremely intensive healing to me. Ever since, I feel myself in the flow and lighter. All her work is very valuable. It can not be valued, I guess. Because you will get a healing, that no one else can provide the way Daniela does to you. Daniela has a designer background, during that period she developed her intuition and visual eye, therefore her  3rd eye is very clairvoyant. I have worked with lots of people on energy healing, but Daniela is a really special talent in her business. I personally recommend her to anybody that values life. It is worth it! Because your life is very valuable. Working with Daniela has made me realise how beautiful life truly is! God Bless you. Thank you for being in my life.”

Duygu Laleli

The secrect is your inner trust!

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